Branded by dictionary definition in the commerce world means carrying the brand or trademark of a manufacture. In today’s world, the definition of a brand has opened up much more. Brand’s can be the label names we wear, the companies we support, down to our own individual selves.

Join BRNDD hosts, Donte’ Cotton and Ronald James as they interview not just people behind the brands but also some of the influencers on these brands. Musicians, artists, athletes and store owners have created their own brand and we want to examine how these worlds collide. So tune in as BRNDD takes you inside the world of today’s creatives.

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The Hosts

Donte Cotton

Donte Cotton is the creator and owner of Debonair Material. Donte’s artistic background and passion for conversation lead him to the idea of starting a podcast highlighting the creatives shaping and changing the game today.

Ronald James

Ronald James is a multi-talented individual. He is a designer, actor, writer and stand-up Comedian. Ron joined the podcast as a friend of Donte’ and seeing the vision and potential of the show.